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Why you may be here

I’m just a guy trying to write fiction that feels like reality – fiction that’s funny, grave, romantic, ugly, exhilarating and even predictable when and where it should be. For the most part, I write crime fiction. A number of such efforts can be found to the left. Please do take a look. Regretfully, I have no worthwhile, first-hand, marketable experience with real crime. I’m still young and impressionable, however, and remain open to suggestion.

As for my tastes, I like Shakespeare, but not really the comedies (except for As You Like It and Twelfth Night). I like Nabokov, but really only Lolita, though I think it probably should be illegal in some fashion. I sometimes try to make a point – usually after having been woefully overserved – that Western Literature ended with two books, Lolita and Ulysses.  I can’t recall the details, but it’s something about how simultaneously grand and vulgar they both are. In any event, had you been there on one of those occasions when I made that point, I’m confident you would have been really impressed.

I consider Hemingway’s short stories the great achievement in American literature; not sure what that says about me and/or American literature. I don’t really like his novels. I love Martin Amis. I love Elmore Leonard. I read P.G. Wodehouse probably every week and advise everyone to do the same.

I hope that gives you a sense for my perspective and doesn’t seem too obnoxious. I sincerely thank you for however much time you spend reading what I’ve written. That act, after all, is really just the two of us trying to tell one another that we’re not alone and not without a little grace.