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Novel: Flop Shot

Flop Shot Cover
Flop Shot by Jack Howland

Ulysses S. Owens (“Ooze”) is a forty-ish, sober-ish, professional-ish golfer who — in the midst of an ugly divorce — discovers he has a unique ability: when fearing for his life, he plays as well as anyone ever has. Tiger. Jack. Phil. Bobby Jones. Anyone. Ever.

With the goal of returning triumphantly to the PGA Tour — and no longer living out of his car — Owens moonlights as a private detective, a racket rich with people who can credibly threaten his life, but who aren’t nearly as credible on actual follow-through. For the last tournament of the summer, Owens thinks he has everything lined up: a psycho ex-client to stalk him from the gallery, a caddy to watch his back and read his greens, a razor-sharp game. The two things Owens doesn’t anticipate? A gorgeous fan who can’t decide whether to marry him or frame him for murder. And the arrival of his arch nemesis, adored PGA Tour icon Wink Paddington.

Now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.